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Announcement: Broadband Phone Services an Introduction

Thursday Jul 29, 2010

Broadband phone services, called VoIP (voice-over-IP) are services offered by different companies, as an alternative to landline telephones or even mobile phones. Either way you look at it, you’re going to find these services cheaper than a basic landline telephone service. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be better in terms of quality. Not to mention that some might simply not enjoy using their computer to make their phone calls.

Not arguing why you should or should not give this type of services a try, we’re going to provide you a short list of benefits of Broadband Phone Services and also a couple of disadvantages, so at the end of this article you’ll have a little more insight of how things are with VoIP services.

Broadband Phone Services Pros:

Reduced costs. Since the process of VoIP calls happens over the Internet, the infrastructure and communication costs are greatly minimized. Just think of how much you pay per month for your landline or mobile phone and compare that to how much you pay for your Internet access per month.. You see, the classic telephone calls are charged per minute or second, depending on the provider company. Voice-over-IP calls, or the Internet calls are charged per megabyte (MB that is), meaning per amount of data sent across the Internet and not the time spent to send that data.

It’s very flexible!  Leaving aside those companies that offer even video calls for the same charge as the common VoIP calls, we’re presenting just the major advantage of being able to take your toys with you anywhere you travel. Providing that the Internet signal is of some decent quality in the places where you decide to travel, VoIP calls can be made from pretty much anywhere because nowadays broadband phone servicesbroadband phone services offer portable devices that you carry in your pocket. These devices may vary in size and form, but the most common models will easily connect to your (or anyone else’s) computer’s USB ports, pretty much making the annoying landline phone cables ugly history.

Those being the major advantages of Broadband Phone Services technology (believe us, you don’t need more than these), we’re moving on to the disadvantages, so that you’ll know to be aware how to make your choice regarding broadband phone services.

One problem is the fact that once your Internet is down or the power runs out, you’re left without a phone. Also, poor Internet signal will significantly decrease the quality of your calls, if not make them unavailable at all. You should really keep this aspect in mind, in case you decide to take your VoIP with you on your mountain climbing trip.

Another aspect you should be aware of is the fact that, due to VoIP portability features, some emergency call services might not work for you in different areas and that is because it’s not always easy to keep track of an IP, especially a dynamic one. However, there are good quality VoIP providers out there who will advise you what’s the best way to keep the emergency call services updated with your location.

So if you’re considering getting on board with broadband communication services, be sure to do a lot of research before settling down with one company. Check a lot of websites which provide you users’ reviews of such services, ask your friends and trusted ones and ultimately, read extremely careful the agreement contracts before signing them.