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Magic Jack – Pros and Cons

Thursday Jul 29, 2010

In an attempt to find the best broadband phone services, we stumbled upon a product with a catchy name – Magic Jack. While we can’t say it’s the best product the market has to offer, Magic Jack seems like a pretty fair deal. Opinions vary from one user to another; many complaints, but also many positive testimonials regarding Magic Jack.

So what is Magic Jack and what’s so good and bad about it?

We’ve tried to gather more information directly from their website, but failed miserably. Although pretty colorful, the website isn’t very user-friendly, in terms of functionality. In fact, to those of you who’ve been around the block of Internet for a while, the website will look like a pretty authentic scam website, despite the big and bolded “100% Risk FREE” and “2009 Product of the Year” banners on the top of their home page.

So we moved on, to more decent research environments – customers’ feedback websites, weblogs, reviews website and last, but not least,  Wikipedia. According to Wiki, Magic Jack is a product that sticks right into one of your computer’s USB ports and uses a standard RJ-11 phone jack that allows your to make phone calls in the U.S and Canada “for a fixed charge”. Yes, according to Wikipedia and the thousands of users out there, you do pay a regular fee for the services, do not let yourself fooled by the big grin of the lady in the website picture saying the calls are free of charge. The only way you can state you talk for free with Magic Jack is by considering you don’t charge people for talking to them.

However, a big redeeming thumb up for Magic Jack comes from the quality/costs report. Compared to a similar company which charges $24.99 a month for the same type of services, Magic Jack comes for only $19.95 a YEAR! Basically you save around $500/year plus you rid yourself of the annoying monthly phone bill.

A disadvantage would be the fact that once the power is off or your Internet connection dead, you are without a useable phone. But that’s a pretty common problem with all broadband phone companies.

You can take it anywhere you want! Yes, being a USB device, magic jack is your little portable phone. The only disadvantage that comes with this feature is the fact that there’s no net like home.  Some places you go might have poor signal, but that’s still reasonable considering you still benefit from the same services anywhere you go.

Another downside would be the fact that Magic Jack doesn’t work with Satellite based Internet connections! Yup, pretty painful to some, because it really seemed like a good deal.

FREE unlimited calls, regardless the distance! Yes… it’s a feature hard to beat! And it’s the last word we have on the subject, hoping we raised your interest for this product, at least enough to give it a try, compare it with the others out there and then review it, to give people insight of yet another broadband phone service.