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Skype for Mac – Who Would Have Thought

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Skype is one of the Internet communication programs that can be used to communicate with other users through voice and video calls, text and instant messaging. It requires internet connection to work, and it works best with broadband Internet connection. Microphone and webcam are other extra additions that are needed in order to enjoy using Skype.  It used to be a windows – based program before the Mac version was released.  It is a known fact that Skype is not as easy and friendly on a Mac as it is on windows. This makes people have issues when using Skype on a Mac and as a result of this, they want to know the best version of Skype to use for their Mac. Keep reading to find out more.

Is Installing Skype on Mac Easy?

As with every computer program, Skype has instructions and requirements in order to have a problem free experience. When requirements are not met or instructions are not followed, trouble with installing Skype on a Mac will crop up often.  One of the problems people encounter during installation is getting an error message like “not supported on this system”. This sort of problem occurs if you are trying to install Skype for windows on a Mac. You need to follow the exact installation procedures or watch related installation videos in order to avoid this.  As a matter of fact, installing Skype on Mac OS is easy if you follow instructions and it is not easy if you don’t follow the right instructions or meet the requirements. There are other installation problems when trying to use Skype on Mac as you will soon discover.

What are the Known Troubles with Installing Skype on a Mac?

People have reported various problems when installing Skype on Mac. These problems can be generally grouped into installation and connection problems.  One will have issues if the MHz processor is not compatible with that of your Mac. Another is if the RAM is not appropriate for the current version available for download.  You may also experience the case of insufficient privileges during installation. When it comes to connection, not all routers (if you use a router) are compatible with Skype. This can also cause problems during installation. To address this, you need to restart your computer. Troubles like this are easily sorted out if you know the best version of Skype to use with a Mac.

What is the Best Version of Skype to Use with a Mac?

Most people are aware that the latest version of application programs like Skype is the best for their operating system. This is because known issues from previous releases are always corrected in a later one. In addition, feedback from the beta version of the latest release are taken into consideration prior to final release. As a result of this, the latest Skype release is always the best version to use with a Mac. You must make sure that the latest version and your Mac OS X are compatible. Sometimes, the latest release still causes issues. In this case, you should revert back to the previous release until the known issues are addressed. This will determine the best version of Skype to use for your Mac.

Now that you know about the installation problems of installing Skype on Mac and the latest version of Skype to use on your Mac, you will know how to address Skype problems on Mac from now on and the best version to use.

Skype for Android

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Android is a mobile operating system that was acquired by Google in 2005 from Android Inc.  It was not until January 2009 that Skype Lite for android was launched. One can run Skype on android v2.2 and above on a Samsung Galaxy S.  Skype users on dense Wi-Fi coverage and users with 3G can enjoy high quality voice call services with their android phone. US users are only supported on Wi-Fi.  Keep reading to discover Skype features that are supported on android.

What Skype Features are Available for Android?

Most of the features in Skype are supported on android. Some are not yet supported. The supported and unsupported Skype features are given below.

Supported features include;

1.      Calling phones and mobile phones

2.      Skype-to-Skype calling

3.      Instant messaging

4.      Receiving Skype calls and calls to online numbers

5.      Participating in conference calls

6.      Instant messaging

7.      Group instant messaging

8.      Synchronizing with android phone book

9.      Importing from native phone book

10.  Call forwarding

11.  Contact list filtering

12.  Showing favorite contacts

Unsupported features include;

1.      File transfer

2.      Voicemail

3.      Skype SMS

4.      Skype video calling group

There are rumors that the Skype video calling will soon be supported.

What are the Two Best Phones to Use?

The best way to enjoy using Skype on a phone is to use a Skype compatible phone.  When Skype was tested on different phones, call quality was an issue for most. When rated by call quality and other smart features, the best two Skype-compatible phones are Panasonic and Ipevo SO-20.

Panasonic’s best features include making and hearing clear calls, having long battery life and its suitability for travel. Its battery can withstand 4.5hrs of talk and 55hrs stand bye.  Travelers can use this phone to save on the hefty fees that phone companies charge for international rates. The added router that comes bundled with it however makes the price higher than other Skype compatible phones. For size, the Panasonic is a little bit thinner than other phones.

Ipevo SO-20 is second best in terms call quality. The smooth interface allows you to use Skype as you would use it on a PC. Another slick thing about this phone is that it can handle connections to a secure network more easily. If these qualities are also what you want in a Skype compatible phone, then could be the phone for you.

How Does the Android Work for Facebook?

Due to the popularity of facebook and android, applications that cater for them are highly received. Facebook for Android was developed by Facebook, and released on 15th Dec. 2010. It helps you to carry facebook with you wherever you go.   Go!chat is the most popular facebook application for android. It lets you chat, share images, photos, videos,  check your messages, watch newsfeed, access facebook groups,  look at your friend’s walls and comment on them, view their profiles and do almost every other thing you can do on facebook with a PC. No wonder many people love android phones.

Skype and Verizon – An Interesting Partnership

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Verizon is the strongest home communications network in the US that provides Internet, telephone and television services over a fiber optic communications network.  Skype on the other hand is a cheaper alternative for calls and peer-to-peer communications in general.  The partnership aims to offer more reliable Skype and Verizon services for their users. Skype and Verizon announced their partnership in February 2010 at the Mobile world Congress in Barcelona. Since then, they have been rolling out services that are impacting the way we communicate with others and share information.

Skype Mobile for Verizon Wireless

One of the results of the partnership between Verizon and Skype is that Skype mobile is now available on Verizon’s wireless network.  While Skype mobile gives you access to over 500 million people on Skype worldwide, Verizon Wireless makes Skype’s calling technology available to over 90 million of its users. The performance, speed, coverage, and reliability of the wireless network have come to change the way we stay in touch. You no longer need Wi-Fi or computer to communicate and collaborate with your employees, clients, colleagues or loved ones. All that is needed are 3G smartphones. Their client/server solution is optimized for efficient bandwidth usage with minimal impact on battery life.

You cannot however use Skype mobile app on your Verizon wireless android phone while connected to a Wi-Fi network. It will give you a message to either disable or exit Wi-Fi or switch to Verizon wireless data network. This also applies to blackberry phones or windows mobile phones. They both don’t use a Wi-Fi connection. They only use Verizon’s wireless data network. With Skype mobile, you’ll save no matter where you are. You’ll get great low rates on international calls to landlines and mobile numbers. Skype and Verizon have now finally brought the world to your fingertips. And this is just the beginning.

What the Media is Saying about these channel Partners

Since Skype and Verizon announced their partnership at the Mobile world conference in Barcelona, the media have been highlighting certain issues where the partnership may have flaws. Some of the areas include the exclusion of certain Blackberry and android devices and the possibility of facing stiff competition in the long run.

This partnership is already favoring 3G smart phones and some Blackberry models like BlackBerry Storm 9550, BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Storm 9530 and BlackBerry Curve 8530. As for the Android phones those included are Motorola DROID, the HTC DROID ERIS and the Motorola Devour. This means the exclusion of all others. They are saying that the partnership is supposed to look into a situation where an application should be created to cater to the others as fast as possible. If this is not done, they are likely to face competition from Google soon. Google has started putting their pieces together to take over the P2P market in the not to distant future. The media is also saying that since you can still incur monthly charges, this means the companies are more concerned about making profits than about serving the people.

Will this Partnership Affect the Use of  the iphone and Android Phones?

Since some Wi-Fi dependent users are affected by the partnership, it means that some of the Verizon users who use android will have to rely on Skype apps for android and iphone in order not to be left behind. People are already watching out for technology that will roll out to breach the gab that is already created because of the partnership between Skype and Verizon.