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Vonage for Android

Thursday Mar 3, 2011

Vonage mobile on your android phone is finally here to have you enjoy better communications with your friends and loved ones. Once you are on a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network area, you can use your android phones to enjoy many Vonage services at a cheaper cost to you. Some of them include their voice and messaging services, Vonage mobile for facebook and unlimited international calls. Keep reading to discover more about these features and how they can benefit you.

Voice and Messaging Services

Vonage mobile services for your android phones involve voice calls and instant messaging. Once you install the application, you will need to follow the necessary instructions before you can start using them. Your voice and messaging call rates will depend on the plan you select. You can use them to call your phone contacts and social networking contacts on social websites like facebook once your phone is compatible with the Vonage mobile application.  For making voice and messaging calls using facebook, you need to know exactly how it works.

Vonage mobile for Facebook

Through Vonage mobile application, you can enjoy extra ordinary value by keeping in touch with your facebook friends. This new service was launched on 4th of August 2010. Once you download the application, you can call your facebook friends who also have the application on their phones. To call your friends on facebook, you need to do the following.

  • Download the Vonage mobile application for facebook from the iTunes Store, Android Market, the Vonage fan page on Facebook or
  • After downloading and installing the application on your android phone, you need to login to facebook with your username and password. (You will enter your facebook details this one time only).
  • Once you login, you will see all your facebook contacts divided into two groups; those who have downloaded the application and can be called for free and those who have not downloaded the application.
  • You will see the Vonage logo beside your contacts that have downloaded the application. Those who have not can be automatically invited to download the application at Vonage fanpage on facebook or
  • Once you touch the names of those with the Vonage logo, their numbers will be automatically dialed even if their application is closed.

Vonage mobile for facebook does not only allow you to make calls to your facebook contacts, it also lets you make unlimited international calls to them if they have the application. Without it, you can make unlimited calls if you meet the conditions below.     `

Unlimited International Calls

You can make unlimited international calls with your android phone or other compatible mobile phones. Once you subscribe to the Vonage world plan for $24.99 per month, you can make unlimited international calls to about 60 countries. You will be charged according to the rate per minute of the individual countries. When you are in Wi-Fi within the US and internationally, your calls use your phone’s Wi-Fi internet connection so that you don’t use your phone’s cellular minutes. This helps you to save money on international calls. You must however note that your unlimited calling is limited to non-commercial use.  Carrier, SMS and cellular minutes may apply as stated in their terms of use.

Now that you have seen the benefits of Vonage on a android phone, you can bet that this is the best time to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Vonage Conference Calling

Thursday Mar 3, 2011

Vonage conference calling is one of the Vonage services whereby you have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call. It is one of the standard features of Vonage’s business VoIP plans. To fully understand how it works, you will have to know about Vonage conference call features, how it is related to Vonage’s 3-Way calling and how you can use conference calling for international calls. This will enable you to use it confidently whenever you want to make a call that involves more than one person. You will not only save time with conference calling. Read on to find out more about Vonage’s conference call features.

What are Vonage’s Conference Call Features?

Vonage’s conference call features include its being cheap, time saving, convenient and flexible. This means your conference calls are included in one monthly plan. Instead of dialing one person, hanging up and redialing another person, you can all arrange a meeting time and discuss or brainstorm issues together and come up with a solution. You don’t even need any complicated instructions or setup. All you need is to dial, press the appropriate buttons on your phone and call the other parties until you are all ready to take off. You can conference call at anytime of the day or night and it doesn’t even matter if the calls are local or international. The conference call is a premium feature of your Vonage monthly package. Now that you’ve seen what the Vonage conference call features are, let’s see exactly how Vonage 3-way calling, otherwise known as conference calling works.

How do You Use Vonage’s 3-Way Calling

Using Vonage’s 3-way calling is very easy. You, the caller will have to dial the other two parties with your phone. To start 3-way calling, you will first dial the first person, then press the hold button and dial the number of the second person. After the second person answers the phone, you press the hold button again. While on your second number, view the options list and click “Join” or “Connect” or “Conference” to include all callers in the call. You can us Vonage’s 3-way calling locally and you can also use 3-way calling to make international conference calls. This is one of the best ways international business associates can brainstorm together to handle critical issues over the phone.

How Do You Use Conference Calling for International Calls

Vonage Conference Calling

Conference calling with Vonage for international calls is similar to those for local conference calls. The only difference is that the calls must be within participating countries according to each country’s international rate. You can even conference call using their Vonage talk feature on the Vonage device. With Vonage Conference Calling, you can connect with two other parties at the same time. The three of you can talk at once. Here is how it works.

1.      Dial your first party as you normally would.

2.      Once connected, click the Conference button on the Call Window and the first party is put on hold. Dial the second party.

3.      After the second party is connected, click the Conference button again, and you’re all connected.

You can place both calls on hold by clicking the conference button again. One more click of the conference button reactivates the conference call.

If you are calling internationally, your call will be billed incrementally based on that country’s rate, but there will be no extra fee for making the Vonage Conference Calling.

Vonage for Cell Phones

Thursday Mar 3, 2011

Vonage extended the use of their VoIP service in 2009 when it created mobile application that became Vonage for cell phones. Apart from making Vonage available in more than one type of mobile device, it also made it free. All that is needed is to make sure that you use a mobile phone that is compatible with the application. Once you follow the installation instructions, you can use Vonage to make local and international calls where there is internet connection. Not all cell phones can be used with the Vonage mobile application. Keep reading to know the kinds of phones that work best with Vonage; the types of calls that can be made with Vonage for Cell Phones and how to download Vonage mobile applications that will make it easy to use cell phones to make calls.

What Mobile Phones Work Best With Vonage

Vonage does not work with all types of mobile phones. It only works with selected mobile phones. Plans are underway to make it available to as many types of mobile phones as possible. Some of the mobile phones that are compatible with Vonage Smartphones like Android, iPhone (R), BlackBerry(R) and iPod touch. You will have to download the application from iTunes or Vonage website to use on these selected phones. These phones provide seamless, low-cost international calling while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Now that you know the mobile phones that work best with Vonage, let’s explore the types of calls that can be made with them.

What Types of Calls Can be Made?

You can make local and international calls with your Vonage compatible mobile phones; just like any other mobile calls, but without using and depending on plans. International call rates are cheaper than normal calls. Always ensure that you have a strong 3G or Wi-Fi signal in order to have high quality clear calls. Weak networks normally cause unclear calls. Here are the types of calls that can be made with Vonage world mobile plan for only $24.99 per month.

* Unlimited international calling to more than 60 countries around the world and great     low rates everywhere else with Vonage World Mobile.
* Free unlimited local and long distance calls over Wi-Fi networks
* If you only need to make international calls occasionally, select the Vonage Mobile Pay Per Use plan and get our everyday low rates. You don’t have to have Vonage residential service as the Vonage Mobile works independently.

How to Download Vonage Mobile Applications

This is exactly how to download Vonage mobile applications. First of all make sure you have a Vonage mobile compatible phone. After that, go to the Vonage mobile website and go through the list of available mobile applications. After that, select the application you need.  Once selected, click on “Download App” on that page and enter your phone number when prompted. Vonage will send you an SMS (text message) with a link to download Vonage Mobile. Then just follow the simple steps on your device to install. (Standard text messaging rates may apply.)

Vonage for Cell Phones

Vonage took the VoIP services by storm when it extended its services to cell phones. You’ve seen the types of cell phones that work best, the types of calls that can be made and how to download Vonage mobile applications. You now know exactly what Vonage for cell phones is all about.