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Skype for Blackberry – The Mobile Adventure

Friday Feb 11, 2011

Skype, a program that allows consumers to make online calls through the internet is now made available for Blackberry smartphones. It will enable you to make Skype to Skype calls to Skype users from all over the world, send or receive instant messages from any person or group, do Skype calls to landlines or mobile phones at very low rates, receive calls through your Skype online number and chat with online Skype contacts.

Search and Search but Here are the 3 Best Smartphones for Skype

Nowadays, a wide variety of smartphones are coming on the market as more and more people are turning their attentions to these innovative gadgets. Smartphones are mobile phones that provide more advanced technology and connectivity compared with traditional ones. They can be considered as handheld computers as they possess some of the features of a computer and they can be installed with advanced applications as well. Skype is one of the best examples of an advanced application for smartphones. Some of the best smartphones for Skype available on the market according to reviews and feedbacks are Apple iPhone 4, Droid X and BlackBerry’s newest model – the BlackBerry Torch 9800. These smartphones will allow you to make use of all mobile features of Skype. You only need to install the application to make it work, no Wi-Fi connection is necessary.

The Easiest Way to Download Skype to Your Blackberry

Downloading Skype to your blackberry will require you to connect to the internet through your phone or a Wi-Fi connection. Here are two simple steps to make Skype software installation easier.

1.      Simply go to Skype website to download the application for Blackberry smartphones. You will be asked to register and give some relevant information such as your phone’s brand and model, phone number, country, and Skype name. A download option will be given to you whether you will have it directly to your phone by means of e-mail or SMS text, or save it to your computer. If you choose the latter, it will necessitate the use of infrared, Bluetooth, or a data cable to set it up on your Blackberry.

2.      Log in to Skype using your personal Skype account. Expect to enter your mobile phone number before you can start using the application. After you have logged in successfully, your Skype contacts will be displayed on your screen. This will let you know that you can now start calling your Skype contacts or landline number whether local or international.

So You Want to Know the Best Skype Apps for a Blackberry Smartphone

If you want get the most out of your Blackberry Skype software, here are some of the applications that you can download:

  • IM plus All-in-One Messenger Pro by SHAPE Services – Aside from sending free Skype messages, it also features voice recognition that allows you to dictate instant messages (IM) and send them to your friends, family, and clients. Additionally, it has a Push Mode which transfers your messages directly into your email inbox that will permit you to reply right away. This feature is not only convenient but also saves the battery life of your Blackberry. The cost of this app is $39.99 USD.
  • IM plus Lite – This is the free version of the app mentioned above. It also offers similar features but as you use it, you will be notified from time to time to use the upgraded version which will require you to pay a certain amount. Notifications usually appear every 30 minutes and they will cause interruptions if you continuously use the app.
  • Nimbuzz – It offers instant messaging and allows you chat on some social networks such as Facebook.

There are other Skype apps available such as Skype Mobile for BlackBerry, iSkoot for Skype (BlackBerry) 1.1.60 and WebMessenger Mobile for Skype. Among them all, the IM plus Lite is currently the most preferred based on reviews and surveys.

If you are always on the go and frequently make local and international calls, the Skype for your Blackberry smartphone is the most cost-effective way to stay connected with other people. Download the program now and feel the difference it could bring to your mobile adventure.