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Vonage Internet Services

Thursday Mar 3, 2011

Here is exactly what you need to know about Vonage Internet services. From their website, they clearly state that they don’t offer internet access. The reason they do not offer internet service is because internet service is required to use Vonage. In order words, their services depend on broadband internet for it to work properly. Based on this, this article will focus on the problems associated with the quality of internet services as it concerns Vonage, how internet speed affects Vonage services and a  brief look into Vonage’s major business competitors in this regard. After reading, you will be able to understand the role the internet plays in making Vonage one of the best VoIP services around.

Are There Problems with the Quality of Vonage Internet Services?

Some of the major problems with the quality of Vonage internet services include call quality being low, the calls cutting off in the middle of a call and call not even going through in some cases. For call quality being low, the most likely cause is when you are in an area where the internet connectivity is not strong. That is, the internet Wi-Fi network signal strength or the 3G network is weak. In this case the call quality will become low. You will immediately notice that you cannot hear the other party clearly, or the other person cannot hear you clearly. On the other hand, when there is no network in an area, Vonage services will not work as it fully depends on the availability of an internet connection. Now that we’ve seen some of the problems affecting the quality of Vonage internet services, lets see how internet speed can affect Vonage services.

Is the Internet Speed Fast Enough with Vonage Internet?

Vonage allows you to test your internet speed on their website to see if you can use Vonage services. The advantage of this to you is that if your internet speed is not fast enough for Vonage services, the test results will show it and you will be advised to either not use Vonage or you should try to increase your Internet speed. According to them, the recommended Internet connection upload speed (bandwidth speed) needs to be at least 90 Kbps (kilobytes per second). A lower upload speed could affect the quality of your calls when using Vonage phone service. If your internet speed is not up to this, then you cannot enjoy using Vonage. Let’s now find out about Vonage’s major business competition.

Who are Vonage’s Major Business Competition?

There are many VoIP services competing with Vonage. The list keeps growing every year. Vonage VoIP services can be compared with others using many criteria. However, when it comes to features, Vonage is among the top. It offers features that are suitable for business and non-business use. For business uses, competitors that offer features that are close to those of Vonage are Jive, RingCentral, Vocalocity, Apptix  and Nextiva. This comparison is based on the cost for their unlimited services and the features attached to them.

Vonage Internet Services

You’ve been able to discover how Vonage uses the Internet to offer their services. You’ve also seen the problems associated with internet quality and the most acceptable minimum speed needed to use Vonage internet services. By knowing the major business competition to Vonage, you can always switch to the one that offers you the best benefits in terms of call quality, features and cost.